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Sometimes we forget there’s so much joy in little discoveries.

We took granny to the seaside this year. It was a hard task to convince her, but all of the family joined in the campaign of changing her mind about a trip “far away from her little household”.

It’s interesting how over the course of time, one can lose the ability to hear the inner voice who answers: What would make me happy? What do I want? How did I end up here?

We finally made her go despite her repeated discourse about how she is “too old to travel” and all the other little worries that can take a lot of energy. She had an amazing time, loved the water and sand, the long walks, and had a lot of questions – as if her memory had faded completely. She did not remember how sea shells looked like, except if they were white and wavy, the same like we had brought as souvenirs. Little discoveries.

We celebrated her 75th birthday by the shore at a fancy restaurant while witnessing the fantastic moon eclipse. It could not have been more special. Her joy filled up all of ours.

I am grateful I could be part of these moments. She really enjoyed the trip, the attention, and the new sights. She is kindness itself and we are truly blessed to share life with her. I owe a big part of who I am to her.


Happy Birthday, grandma! May this be the beginning of a wonderful journey ahead! ♥️

Dor de Thassos si spiritul #TFB4

Măi, nu știu cum să vă spun, dar m-a apucat așa ceva… inexplicabil prin zona confuză a pieptului. Cam pe lângă inimă, pe unde am o aluniță mândră. Mă înțeapă cumva, dar nu fizic. Mi-e dor de Thassos și ce a însemnat excursia asta pentru mine. M-am gândit să răscolesc puțin prin arhiva de fotografii și să public frânturi din starea #TFB4. Lene, soare, căldură, eliberări de Cuba (cc Andreea), drumuri liniștite, nori sugestivi, delfini, pisici, pescari, povești, poteci cu petre mici.

1. boat
2. sea gulls
2. rise
10. morning mood
Un dor de mult prea bine alături de oameni deveniți dragi.
O liniște împărtășită cu bucurie.


7.e costin blue

5.damian aliki

6.sight by the sea

6. sight 2

6. sight fade

Momente faine in pătrățele dragi? Am selectat câteva Instagrame de pe hastag-ul #TFB4:


Alte imagini din TFB4:
Here’s looking at you, kid.
Theologos, Thassos.

See you soon, Tallinn!

I’m leaving Tallinn today. Who knows for how long.

Many good-byes and see yous were said between the people I have come to meet here in Erasmus time. Emotional. Touchy. However, it seems that the hardest one is yet to come. How can I part with this city I knew nothing about, had no expectations about, but which grew on me so dearly during the last 6 months?

Took some lonely walks. I was uselessly trying to keep a mental image of everything. It won’t work. Pictures? They’re good. They might help but if you don’t have a special bond with the sights, you might not feel with the same intensity the connection of warm nestling in one dear, dear place, no matter how icy and cold it might be.

Said good bye to the swans by the frozen sea shore the other day, such sweet creatures. Still friendly despite the cold. Oh, Tallinn, how i will miss you! The butterflies in my stomach are beginning to sing a chaotically broken song. How I hate this almost bitter-salty taste of growing sadness that petrifies your speech and thoughts. I must go, now.

Stay impressive, lovable and joyful, wild but dignifying as I know you. Keep on growing on other people coming into your life. After all, this is your job. Ah, it hurts to know I was only one of your many and that you will go on. But that is life.

Well, I should be going home now, dear. Whatever that might still mean.
See you! See you soon!