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My Greek Beauties

I find it so hard to describe them in words. They fascinate me. They brighten my days.



Besides being gorgeous, they are such warm and kind souls. I met them by chance, but we quickly connected wonderfully. It’s almost impossible to put in words.

Or maybe I should keep it simple.
I love them both.


Mai mare dragul

Să ajungi să îți surprinzi mama cu un portret într-un context crăciunesc. Așa de mult bine face la suflet! Alină dorul, micșorează distanța, reface sincronizarea, încălzește îmbrățișarea. Zău că îmi vine să crăp de fericire și-mi ies din contur de mulțumire că reușesc să o înseninez o clipă.


Nimic. Nimic nu poate egala un astfel de moment special. Zâmbim împreună, o țin de mână și o iubesc. Enorm. Mulțumim, Cristi, pentru că ne-ai primit cu un zâmbet larg la finalul unei zile lungi.

Dacă vrei să ajungi și tu la #PortretdeFamilie, află că nu este nevoie de programare. Tot ce trebuie să faci e să ajungi cu cei dragi în perioada 14-20 decembrie 2015, în intervalul orar 18.00 – 22.00 la Villa Romana Ristorante, în piața Charles de Gaulle 3 (google maps aici).

Portret de familie este o inițiativă Foto Union.
Partenerul principal al #portretdefamilie de anul acesta este HP România căruia îi mulțumim! 🙂

Expressing love

It happens in between.
Communication. Intuition. Feeling. Elegance. Curiosity. Touch. Excitement. Discovery. Movement. Emotion. Connection. Trust. Disruption. Tenderness. Violence. Attachment. Power. Delicacy. Harmony. Completeness. Chaos. Vulnerability. Magic. Beauty. Distance. Doubt. Joy. Intimacy. Despair. Hope. Climax. Detachment. Pain. Fire. Elation.


Sigur Rós – Valtari from Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Films on Vimeo.

That Golden Side of Tallinn

I’m always on the lookout for discount flight tickets to Tallinn, but unfortunately Bucharest and the Estonian capital are not connected through a direct route so the costs are not a bargain.

I had the great privilege of living in Tallinn for more than half a year and it grew very dearly on me. As winter creeps in, I become more melancholic, I think. I started remembering little details that bring me back one year ago. An alley with golden leaves instantly sent me to Kadriorg Park. Decided to share some photos with you.

A bit of that Tallinn autumn still lingers in my mind.

I used to walk by this painted wall and think of how the artist might have come up with the idea. Boring rainy day in Tallinn might lead to playing with pets since human companionship is rather scarce. Estonians are quite loners.

Welcome, November.

First snow in Tallinn

If a couple of days ago I was still admiring the golden autumn leaves in Kadrioru Park, nature gave me a real cold wake up call this morning.
For the first time in minu kalis* Tallinn, I realise that winter comes sooner here and it will be stronger than anywhere else I have experienced it.

Good times await. Keep warm, stay joyful! 😀

*Estonian for my darling, my dear

I’m young

And I love it. I am currently living in Tallinn, Estonia and I am making the best of my time here. One semester in the Baltic Film and Media School and Institute of Communication in Tallinn University is really spicing my school days up. Getting to know Estonia, Estonians, learning Spanish in the flat and maybe a bit of Russian when going out couldn’t be more welcomed in my life.

Youthful company, new friends, multiculturalism, it doesn’t just sound amazing, it actually is that.

Even though it’s just a rainy Friday out here, helping Lili pack for her Stockholm weekend getaway, sharing some strong green tea with Miguel, small chit chats in Spanish with Cristian and subtle irony in the kitchen with Zaida, Czech flatmate who really knows how to bake, can really light up one’s day. Who needs sun, when you’ve got bright friends? 😀

I am blessed. Although my thoughts keep flying to my beloved sister, my family or some friends, I keep my spirits high with great company and golden autumn walks.

Autumn walk in Kadrioru park with amazing Tartu friends

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