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Flying back home from Tallinn

I guess Tallinn was really determined not to let me go as he really tried hard to keep me close.
On the day of departure from this beautiful city, it started to snow really heavily. I thought it was just another normal day in the North, but it seems that Tallinn brought the big guns to the game as he kept my plane to Frankfurt grounded for one hour and a half. The result? I missed my connection in Germany so I had to sleep at a hotel and continue my journey the next morning.
Well played!

The new friends I made on board of the aircraft as we were waiting to take off were the only good thing about this tiring experience. Two little kids, Estonians aged 4 and 2 as I can guess, were in the seats in front of me. Obviously bored of waiting, they wanted very much to, well, play :). I got into the childish mood as my teddy was the attraction of the little ones. With the help of the fluffy bear and the few sentences of Estonian I knew, the kids adored me pretty soon.

When their mother decided they have bothered me enough, she gave them colored pencils and tried to keep them busy and still for a few moments. I thought they would want to sleep after. My surprise was that the elder of the kids, Uku, as he presented himself, tossed a drawing in my face when his mother was not looking. He drew a plane, a nice one even, so I had to say: Tubli!*

His mother explained he had done it as a gift for me.
Sweetest gesture ever. Aren’t kids simply adorable once you decide to go into their world? ♥

*Estonian for Well done, Bravo = Tubli!

See you soon, Tallinn!

I’m leaving Tallinn today. Who knows for how long.

Many good-byes and see yous were said between the people I have come to meet here in Erasmus time. Emotional. Touchy. However, it seems that the hardest one is yet to come. How can I part with this city I knew nothing about, had no expectations about, but which grew on me so dearly during the last 6 months?

Took some lonely walks. I was uselessly trying to keep a mental image of everything. It won’t work. Pictures? They’re good. They might help but if you don’t have a special bond with the sights, you might not feel with the same intensity the connection of warm nestling in one dear, dear place, no matter how icy and cold it might be.

Said good bye to the swans by the frozen sea shore the other day, such sweet creatures. Still friendly despite the cold. Oh, Tallinn, how i will miss you! The butterflies in my stomach are beginning to sing a chaotically broken song. How I hate this almost bitter-salty taste of growing sadness that petrifies your speech and thoughts. I must go, now.

Stay impressive, lovable and joyful, wild but dignifying as I know you. Keep on growing on other people coming into your life. After all, this is your job. Ah, it hurts to know I was only one of your many and that you will go on. But that is life.

Well, I should be going home now, dear. Whatever that might still mean.
See you! See you soon!

Happy Saint Nicholas!

I hope you were good kids this year, dear people, and that this morning you discovered sweets and treats from Santa’s cousin 🙂

In Romania, the tradition is that children clean up their winter boots the night before St Nicholas and carefully place them close to the door. If they behaved the year before, they will find chocolate, candy and any little toys that could fit in the boots. Unlike Santa, Saint Nicholas (Moș Nicolae) is never seen by kids. They have to be asleep when he comes at night.

It’s the first year that I am not close to my sister on the holidays. Sorry, sis. I hope that the short visit in London and the great time while sightseeing was a wonderful present of itself. The joy should last till Christmas Eve when we will meet again. Can’t wait!

Meanwhile in Tallinn, the third ESN trip to Lapland is about to begin. It will surely be the coldest of them all. The weather forecast showes -24 Celsius, so hang on to those gloves as we will cross the Arctic Circle. First we’ll take the ferry to Helsinki and then the bus for a many-hour trip to Rovaniemi. I hope that the sky will be clear so that I could see the magical Aurora Borealis.To avoid further confusion, yes, I will see Santa, so tell me what you want for Christmas and maybe I can put in a good word for you.

My dear Tallinn,

It’s been almost three months since we’ve known each other, darling, and well… I have something to confess.

You remember that thing we wanted to call our only just-beginning relationship?
That “in between” any kind of official relationship, that “I have no idea what is going on” bond we decided to call we ourselves being happy together?
And that “never could be just friends again” complicated situation we got ourselves into later on? Well, it’s not working anymore. I just wanted a calm, enjoyable, six-month lovely experience with you, but it seems that what I feared most came true.

I have fallen for you, my dear. It is true. Resisting it and not calling it by its proper name was a worthless effort to keep distance. All the cold hearted words (or weather) could not keep me away from your magical embrace.

I dread the day I will be leaving you. Because you are so stubborn and will not visit me, I am afraid our magic only works out here. It will still survive, our love. For some time. It will always be special. It will always be ours. I believe in it.

All these frames of beauty… they seemed nice but lifeless from the comfortable distance of my home country, Romania. They are now a mere glimpse of precious moments I shared with you. Sunsets on the beach, autumn walks, parks, leaves blowing in the wind, golden skies, always picture perfect clouds, happy thoughts arise.
A piece of my heart now belongs to you, dearest. Do keep it safe.
Ma armastan sind, Tallinn.

Yours faithfully for ever and ever,

Tallinn from Amid Moradganjeh on Vimeo.

First snow in Tallinn

If a couple of days ago I was still admiring the golden autumn leaves in Kadrioru Park, nature gave me a real cold wake up call this morning.
For the first time in minu kalis* Tallinn, I realise that winter comes sooner here and it will be stronger than anywhere else I have experienced it.

Good times await. Keep warm, stay joyful! 😀

*Estonian for my darling, my dear

I’m young

And I love it. I am currently living in Tallinn, Estonia and I am making the best of my time here. One semester in the Baltic Film and Media School and Institute of Communication in Tallinn University is really spicing my school days up. Getting to know Estonia, Estonians, learning Spanish in the flat and maybe a bit of Russian when going out couldn’t be more welcomed in my life.

Youthful company, new friends, multiculturalism, it doesn’t just sound amazing, it actually is that.

Even though it’s just a rainy Friday out here, helping Lili pack for her Stockholm weekend getaway, sharing some strong green tea with Miguel, small chit chats in Spanish with Cristian and subtle irony in the kitchen with Zaida, Czech flatmate who really knows how to bake, can really light up one’s day. Who needs sun, when you’ve got bright friends? 😀

I am blessed. Although my thoughts keep flying to my beloved sister, my family or some friends, I keep my spirits high with great company and golden autumn walks.

Autumn walk in Kadrioru park with amazing Tartu friends

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Does it look familiar?

I just bumped into this short film and I thought it would be a good idea to share it. I am sure that many of you can resonate with this Romanian short film about the troubles your family goes through until they finally get the hang of using new applications or social media tools.
Talking to your family from abroad? Priceless. I would change the messenger with SKYPE and there you go! Situation updated to the Erasmus autumn semester of 2012/2013 in Estonia.

Now, enjoy!

I have to call my parents and tell them that I love them.

A slice of heaven. Haapsalu and Nova

Every day I love Estonia more. Although it is playing hard to get because of the lower temperatures here, we have been blessed with sun and warmish wind. Add the forests and the beautiful scenery to this and it somehow gets to sweep you off your feet before realizing you are in the danger of falling in love.“She’s got you high and you don’t even know it”.

Another great weekend has passed and I am grateful we have done nothing else than enjoying each others’ company while admiring nature. It was a well deserved resting time. Mari, our Estonian coordinator, cooked for us in Nova and we all were so very happy with everything. She is such a wonderful person, I am glad I know her. She had also organised a lot of fun activities including this photo competition that we very much enjoyed because we played in teams. Each group had to present a creative way of some given ideas (the pisa tower, a crime scene).

Haapsalu? I think I could die happy here. Otherwise, it is the place i would like to come every summer just for enjoying the view. I don’t know if it was just because of the lovely weather or the diversity of clouds showing off on the deep blue sky, but this place impressed me.

Passing by the sea, wind softly blowing through my hair, I wanted to remember everything accurately. A white tower, swans, blue water, white clouds, green grass, skyline, laughing friends. A.D.H.D. Calm down. Breath in, breath out. Live.

My instinct upon arriving to such lovely places is to take photos, or start recording in any way the good time. Just keep it safe. Take a panorama. Try to get the best light, figure out when people start moving and use the best moment to immortalize a good composition for the photography.

Keeping memories is really all that I do. I’m still wondering about what I will be ‘when I grow up’. The thing is, no one else could ever understand your moment. One could only get a hint and maybe imagine it. He will then portray himself standing in the beautiful scenery. A second, maybe two. He takes what he needs from the picture and moves on. And on. And on.

Devouring beauty.

Nova beach

Bike ride in Estonia

I will not complain, I had an AMAZING day!

The weather was perfect just like we have it in late September in Romania: sunny, with few puffy clouds and a coldish wind blowing.

Mall and Mari are amazing teachers for all of us Erasmus students in Estonia and they also have great planning skills because we are always on time, never lost and seeing only great sights wherever we go. Thank you very much for everything that you do for us!

We met at 10 am in front of the Academic Hostel and left by bus (bussiga, as the Estonians say) to the the beatiful manor where we rented the bikes. From here on, we just enjoyed nature and the amazing weather in the forest road close to the sea line.

Start point. Sagadi Manor

What next? Checkpoint for eating and swimming, Vosu resort.
Sunbathing, joking 🙂 and finally moving again.

Checkpoint Vergi port. Beautiful relaxing time 🙂

Checkpoint Altja fishermen’s village.
I was late for this resting point because I had some problems with my bike. Luckily the friends I made here were very thoughtful and did not leave me alone in the back of the group.

I can make it! Only 5 more kilometers. Last stop. The bus.

I am proud. This was an amazing challenge for me because i am no longer as fit as i used to be and I haven’t ridden a bike in more than 5 years. I completed the 50 km bike ride.

Tubli! ( Well done in Estonian 😀 )