Only rain can save us

Let it pour.

This is one of my favorite pics in my Instagram gallery. The story behind this picture is placed in Tallinn. Long wet autumn days kept me inside most of the times. I did not complain,though, I always had great company. I learned to play poker, cook, bake, even practiced some Spanish and basic Czech, Slovakian. I asked Miguel to take a picture of me being melancholic close to the window, once I saw the setting as perfect. I get a warm feeling when I remember those days.

2 thoughts on “Only rain can save us

  1. Wagner Gitirana

    That’s nice. Spanish is easy. Since I don’t know you, judging by your name, sounds vey Romanic. If you speak Romanian, that is cool, because is very similar to Portuguese and I am fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. The other day it came to me an article about food and drink and I thought to myself that the language in question was very interesting; despite of some words that were strange, I could make most of the reading and, after some research, I found out that was Romanian. Funny that there are always something to learn. After long years improving my Spanish and learning German, I never realized that Romanian is so close to Portuguese and its sisters languages like French and specially Italian. I guess that Latin has more deep roots than can meet the eyes.
    Nice pictures by the way. Are you a professional photographer? Were you really melancholic on the shot above or just pretending? Some angles of your face reminds me Christy Turlington. Keep up and try to develop more your ideas. You write well. Self portraits are nice however temporary, but a good mind last longer.

    May 9th, 2014.

    1. Lori Alexe Post author

      Hi, Wagner! Nice to have you reading my blog.

      I’m Romanian, so Romanian is my native language. I find it quite easy to understand Spanish, but very difficult to speak the language since I never studied it properly. My only practice times were in Tallinn with my Spanish flatmates.

      About my visual side, I am a begginner in photography, but will work on improving that. My latest passion is iPhone photography, so most of my articles – for more than a year now – are illustrated with the help of mobile technology 🙂
      I was very melancholic at the time, wishing to be in warmer places rather than in the very cold Nordic capital, but I made the best out of every moment I spent there.
      I don’t see the resemblance with Christy Turlington, but I appreciate the comment. 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words and I wish you will stick around to see how I evolve in the near future.



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