Moonlight Breakfast

Oooh-oh! Smiling days in the car despite the weather, traffic or mundane activities? Awfully frozen days in Northern Europe( Estonia) suddenly brought to life? Bright day out with infinite energy to deliver? Your secret must be really good music, then.  Mine surely was.

This bloody brilliant band with super energy and amazing sound is called Moonlight Breakfast. I first  fell in love with their music last year.  It was on Radio Guerrilla, Romanian radio station, and I found myself trapped by their charms. I just enjoyed the moment and left myself carried away into better worlds by their sound.

Moonlightbreakfast yellow

I mean, the voice, the instruments, the mood! The band simply has what the French would call that je ne sais quoi*. It simply gets to your soul. When I found out they were Romanians, my nationalistic heart burst with joy.

On their Facebook page, they describe their sound as:  “retroelectro” and vibe, topped off with jazzy vocals, that will keep you grooving. A mix of soul, jazz, dance, electro and more, taking you through the 40’s with their clarinet and Club Jordan to the 80’s with their synths, while well anchored in the present by the clever production.

Moonlightbreakfast purple

The interesting part about them is that songs first played became instant hits among the built up audience. Every single released so far („Still”, „Shout”, “Play”, “Hello” and “No More”) has reached the top positions in Romania’s best alternative radio charts (with “Shout” entering the charts straight at No1). In January 2012 Superfly Fm, from Vienna also started airing “Play”, “Silent Disco” and more recently, “No more”.

I had the pleasure of listening to them live last night and I was once again in the perfect mood they deliver with their sound. Also, they sang my favorite song. Twice. No more. Nothing but smoke comes out…

Enough talk. Let the good music play! ♥

Here is the band’s official YouTube Channel.

*An intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive.

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