Bike ride in Estonia

I will not complain, I had an AMAZING day!

The weather was perfect just like we have it in late September in Romania: sunny, with few puffy clouds and a coldish wind blowing.

Mall and Mari are amazing teachers for all of us Erasmus students in Estonia and they also have great planning skills because we are always on time, never lost and seeing only great sights wherever we go. Thank you very much for everything that you do for us!

We met at 10 am in front of the Academic Hostel and left by bus (bussiga, as the Estonians say) to the the beatiful manor where we rented the bikes. From here on, we just enjoyed nature and the amazing weather in the forest road close to the sea line.

Start point. Sagadi Manor

What next? Checkpoint for eating and swimming, Vosu resort.
Sunbathing, joking 🙂 and finally moving again.

Checkpoint Vergi port. Beautiful relaxing time 🙂

Checkpoint Altja fishermen’s village.
I was late for this resting point because I had some problems with my bike. Luckily the friends I made here were very thoughtful and did not leave me alone in the back of the group.

I can make it! Only 5 more kilometers. Last stop. The bus.

I am proud. This was an amazing challenge for me because i am no longer as fit as i used to be and I haven’t ridden a bike in more than 5 years. I completed the 50 km bike ride.

Tubli! ( Well done in Estonian 😀 )

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