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Expressing love

It happens in between.
Communication. Intuition. Feeling. Elegance. Curiosity. Touch. Excitement. Discovery. Movement. Emotion. Connection. Trust. Disruption. Tenderness. Violence. Attachment. Power. Delicacy. Harmony. Completeness. Chaos. Vulnerability. Magic. Beauty. Distance. Doubt. Joy. Intimacy. Despair. Hope. Climax. Detachment. Pain. Fire. Elation.


Sigur Rós – Valtari from Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Films on Vimeo.


Nebulous warmth brought new halo shines to my reflection. I hate that I have to miss you now. I mean it is not that I have to, it is who I am. You interfered with my messy loneliness only to be able to bring to surface some long lost inert struggles. Of belonging and relying. Of understanding and sharing. Of caring and giving.

I thought I killed them all with indifference. With being. Simply being. You proved me wrong, you have awakened them with perfect smiles and acts of pure kindness. Attachment came out of thin air. My daemons are now roused.  Their growling hunger of connecting to the outside world needs to be dealt with.

Change is here. I can no longer simply be.
I have to be

with you.