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Here’s to a Happy New Year!

You’ve been good to me, 2013. I truly appreciate it. I am ready to outgrow my achievements, now. Enough with the resolutions, the lists of the must-dos and the must-haves.
Be. Live a little. Or a more.

Enjoy present times. Loosen ties of the past and leave the concern of the future. 2014 will be great. The greatest year you’ll have yet. Make the best of it. Allow yourself room for mistake. Live.

May you all have a Happy New Year, dear people! Dare to keep positive most of the times and to live up to your high expectations.

It seems I keep my last year’s wish for you: Simply be yourselves.

Happy New Beginnings!

May you all have a Happy New Year! I wish you a better New Year with loads of wonderful experiences, fears overcome and inexhaustible curiosity.

All around the world people make plans for the new beginning, evaluate the failures of the past, promise to change their so called faults for the future. I dare you to do something else the next year, stop blaming and putting so much pressure on yourselves, I challenge you to simply be yourselves.

I had an amazingly fun time with my sister today. We were admiring and taking photos (of course) of this year’s last sunset. The magical setting was placed by an almost entirely frozen lake. Goofing around was never so joyous, as if the days would have all reached the very end.

Wish you could put my shoes on for one day, you’d see how amazing it is to have a sister and how the joy of being can actually spread the minute you are sharing it with someone else. We enjoyed every second of the last rays of sun of 2012. In laughter. Goofy approves of New Year’s Coming.

I wish you precious moments with dear people, keep them close to your hearts!
Here’s to being yourself, whatever that might mean to each and every one of you!