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Am revenit din #enjoyHD

Prima urare pe ziua de astăzi: “Să fii iubită!” Apăi, v-o întorc înzecită! Să ne începem săptămânile cu iubire și liniște, zic.

Bine v-am regăsit. După lupte seculare care au durat aproape 61 de zile, vă anunț fericită că sunt din nou la butoanenele din spatele blogului. Mulțumesc, Alex Negrea pentru ajutor!

Toate bune și frumoase? Da, știu, a trecut al naibii de repede vara asta. Eu am multe, multe fotografii să vă arăt, așa că rămâneți aproape. Curând vă voi povesti mai pe larg despre weekendul ce tocmai a trecut, zile cu peripeții petrecute în împrejurimile Hunedoarei.

Călătoria a fost organizată de Alex Filip și Toma Nicolau și a urmărit promovarea patrimoniului natural și cultural din județul Hunedoara prin fotografii realizate cu telefoanele mobile. Am avut baza la minunatul conac Archia și, alături de oameni faini (a se citi bloggeri), am reușit să împânzim zonele interesante fotografic. 🙂
Pentru sneak peak, urmăriți hashtagul #enjoyHD pe Instagram.

Lots of luv,

Undeva prin țara Hațegului, drumul de întoarcere.

#EnjoyHD a fost un eveniment organizat de Eventur și Enjoy Diversity, în parteneriat cu Consiliul Județean Hunedoara, Conacul Archia, Michelin Romania și Autonom Rent-a-Car în perioada 13- 15 septembrie 2013.

Waste, you waster!

WASTE from studioset on Vimeo.

Directed by Anton Groves (WAO), half Romanian, half Brit
Cinematography by David Lee
Art Direction by Damian Groves (WAO)
Monsters by Damian Groves, Andy 'Sinboy' Luke, Iulia Tomescu, Suzana Dan
Edited by Sorin Baican
Music by The Nuggers
Sound Design by Sillyconductor
Sound Mixing by Marius Leftarache
Produced by Studioset

Last, but not least, Ana Ularu is the actress playing the beauty role in this short film.

playing demons

Love celebration. Dragobete.

I found this nice music video about couple moments and it seems to me today is the perfect day to share it.

Passion Pit – Carried Away from BREWER on Vimeo.

What’s the occasion? Well, in case you didn’t know and I’m pretty much sure you didn’t, Romanians have their own traditional love-celebrating day on the 24th of February, called Dragobete.

According to some customs and to my grandma, I should plant and wear basil in my hair today so that my year will be lucky and heart unbroken. Also, if the weather permits it, young girls and boys should go pick snowdrops or any other early spring flowers for the person they are courting.
Weather forecast for today in Bucharest: moody.

B.sweater weather

I’m off to London

Thanks to Miro,
I’m off to see my sister
This wonderful sister of mine
Ta-dam, ta-dam, ta-dam,
Ta daaaaaam!
This wonderful sister of mine! 🙂

Picture taken 3 years ago in a summer camp 🙂

PS. It started snowing this morning in Tallinn so I hope there will be no trouble with the flight. After the October surprise, of all the days the snow could come, it picked today. Amazing.
Break a leg!

My dear Tallinn,

It’s been almost three months since we’ve known each other, darling, and well… I have something to confess.

You remember that thing we wanted to call our only just-beginning relationship?
That “in between” any kind of official relationship, that “I have no idea what is going on” bond we decided to call we ourselves being happy together?
And that “never could be just friends again” complicated situation we got ourselves into later on? Well, it’s not working anymore. I just wanted a calm, enjoyable, six-month lovely experience with you, but it seems that what I feared most came true.

I have fallen for you, my dear. It is true. Resisting it and not calling it by its proper name was a worthless effort to keep distance. All the cold hearted words (or weather) could not keep me away from your magical embrace.

I dread the day I will be leaving you. Because you are so stubborn and will not visit me, I am afraid our magic only works out here. It will still survive, our love. For some time. It will always be special. It will always be ours. I believe in it.

All these frames of beauty… they seemed nice but lifeless from the comfortable distance of my home country, Romania. They are now a mere glimpse of precious moments I shared with you. Sunsets on the beach, autumn walks, parks, leaves blowing in the wind, golden skies, always picture perfect clouds, happy thoughts arise.
A piece of my heart now belongs to you, dearest. Do keep it safe.
Ma armastan sind, Tallinn.

Yours faithfully for ever and ever,

Tallinn from Amid Moradganjeh on Vimeo.


Știi vibrato-ul acela din tine care prevestește o zi frumoasă? Eu l-am simțit în La major astăzi.

Un pupic de „bună dimineața”, un măr roșu, o melodie energică, un ceai cu oameni calzi și buni, un soare dezmățat, câteva vise pierdute în nori și fotografii, o plimbare scurtă, o regăsire de suflet.
N-ai nevoie de multe ca să ai o zi frumoasă, dar detaliile ăstea dragi fac diferența.

Câteva scăpări de bemoluri sumbre au știrbit armonia perfectă a zilei, dar cine-s eu să o merit?

Foto credits: Sebastian Moise