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Only rain can save us

Let it pour.

This is one of my favorite pics in my Instagram gallery. The story behind this picture is placed in Tallinn. Long wet autumn days kept me inside most of the times. I did not complain,though, I always had great company. I learned to play poker, cook, bake, even practiced some Spanish and basic Czech, Slovakian. I asked Miguel to take a picture of me being melancholic close to the window, once I saw the setting as perfect. I get a warm feeling when I remember those days.

It has begun

The spectacular bloom of rapeseed fields.

With the moody weather of crowded grey clouds and sun rays fighting for survival in their game of hide and seek, nothing could make a better setting for photo enthusiasts. Well, perhaps fog for some of us. I think I might just be stepping out of my black and white phase since I’m absolutely loving these patches of gorgeous yellow in between vivid green lands. What I enjoy most is the energy of this dramatic setting. It seems to raise some sort of confused emotion in me, a dormant synchronisation of mellow with a touch of violent.


galben pur

Do enjoy responsibly.

Random Monday

It’s April already. When did that happen?

You wake up, you miss your dream. It grew on you. It was cosy belonging there.
You face traffic. You move mechanically towards tasks.
Every once in a while, though, you sink into photos.

Here’s my bloomingly moody selection of this Monday.
Have a great day, friends!
Sis, I miss you ♥

photo 11


photo 22