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Sifnos Island, Greece

2.1 pretty church bells

I will soon implode if I don’t get to share with you some of my flaming happy energy I got from this island. Since all seems just chaotic stardust and magical memories in my mind, I will refrain from using great words and will show you some of the beauty I captured the past days in Greece. Through that I hope you get a smile and I will call it a successful mission.

1.Kamares bus stop

Only 3 hours away by ferry from Athens’s port, Piraeus, Sifnos is a gorgeous island in the Cyclades island group with tons of beaches to explore and captivating history. All you have to do is rent a scouter or a car and drive around its edges and reputed towers left over by the mining that was going on in ancient times. The island was very wealthy once since gold, silver and lead were mined here as far back as 3rd millennium BC.

3. greek blue setting

2.2 pretty church

2. Chrissopigi blue

The main cities are the landing port – Kamares, the island’s capital close to the center of the land, Apollonia – named after one of the most important deity in Greek and Roman mythology and Kastro – a roman based settlement on a hill facing the Aegean Sea with narrow white paths and gorgeous Greek blue details. Every little settlement will surprise you with at least one gorgeous church. Here’s my piece of sparkling universe.

4. arch to blue

8. Apollonia, Sifnos

5. Apollonia colours

9. top view Apollonia

14. top of the hill

20. Chrissopigi church by the sea

21. Church by the sea

23. beautiful church by the sea

17. Kastro walk

18. stiati ca aveti de studiat Eminescu pentru BAC

24. Kamares sight from uphill. Sunset

11. Greek

25. Kamares sunset

10 Kamares sunset

12. sunset

Until next time, stay high.