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A slice of heaven. Haapsalu and Nova

Every day I love Estonia more. Although it is playing hard to get because of the lower temperatures here, we have been blessed with sun and warmish wind. Add the forests and the beautiful scenery to this and it somehow gets to sweep you off your feet before realizing you are in the danger of falling in love.“She’s got you high and you don’t even know it”.

Another great weekend has passed and I am grateful we have done nothing else than enjoying each others’ company while admiring nature. It was a well deserved resting time. Mari, our Estonian coordinator, cooked for us in Nova and we all were so very happy with everything. She is such a wonderful person, I am glad I know her. She had also organised a lot of fun activities including this photo competition that we very much enjoyed because we played in teams. Each group had to present a creative way of some given ideas (the pisa tower, a crime scene).

Haapsalu? I think I could die happy here. Otherwise, it is the place i would like to come every summer just for enjoying the view. I don’t know if it was just because of the lovely weather or the diversity of clouds showing off on the deep blue sky, but this place impressed me.

Passing by the sea, wind softly blowing through my hair, I wanted to remember everything accurately. A white tower, swans, blue water, white clouds, green grass, skyline, laughing friends. A.D.H.D. Calm down. Breath in, breath out. Live.

My instinct upon arriving to such lovely places is to take photos, or start recording in any way the good time. Just keep it safe. Take a panorama. Try to get the best light, figure out when people start moving and use the best moment to immortalize a good composition for the photography.

Keeping memories is really all that I do. I’m still wondering about what I will be ‘when I grow up’. The thing is, no one else could ever understand your moment. One could only get a hint and maybe imagine it. He will then portray himself standing in the beautiful scenery. A second, maybe two. He takes what he needs from the picture and moves on. And on. And on.

Devouring beauty.

Nova beach

Bike ride in Estonia

I will not complain, I had an AMAZING day!

The weather was perfect just like we have it in late September in Romania: sunny, with few puffy clouds and a coldish wind blowing.

Mall and Mari are amazing teachers for all of us Erasmus students in Estonia and they also have great planning skills because we are always on time, never lost and seeing only great sights wherever we go. Thank you very much for everything that you do for us!

We met at 10 am in front of the Academic Hostel and left by bus (bussiga, as the Estonians say) to the the beatiful manor where we rented the bikes. From here on, we just enjoyed nature and the amazing weather in the forest road close to the sea line.

Start point. Sagadi Manor

What next? Checkpoint for eating and swimming, Vosu resort.
Sunbathing, joking 🙂 and finally moving again.

Checkpoint Vergi port. Beautiful relaxing time 🙂

Checkpoint Altja fishermen’s village.
I was late for this resting point because I had some problems with my bike. Luckily the friends I made here were very thoughtful and did not leave me alone in the back of the group.

I can make it! Only 5 more kilometers. Last stop. The bus.

I am proud. This was an amazing challenge for me because i am no longer as fit as i used to be and I haven’t ridden a bike in more than 5 years. I completed the 50 km bike ride.

Tubli! ( Well done in Estonian 😀 )

Where do we belong?

I just got back to the Academic Hostel in Tallinn from an exciting 3 day trip to the islands of Saaremaa, Muhu and the north coast of Estonia and realised that although it hasn’t even been a week since I first got here, I feel that I belong to this place. The Erasmus students that I am traveling and bonding with are certainly an important part of the deal. Thank you, guys!

Saarema is the largest island of Estonia where we were glad to experience wild nature and the warm reddish sanded sea of north. Besides all of Mother Nature’s beauty we went to visit a medieval castle, Kuressaare Castle, that has survived many battles. The people of Saaremaa have been ruled over by Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Russia.

The Kogu village was the place we spent the night at. The owner greeted us with the Estonian: Tervist! and then welcomed us to his wonderful place. I enjoyed the sun while the boys found a ball to play football with.

Swimming time was next. We quickly changed and went for a dive in the sea. Majestically peaceful I would say. Very calm waves, clear water, lovely soft sand and a perfect sunset. I took as many pictures as I could in the short time we visited the sea.

Finnish sauna was awaiting back at the traditional house of Mr. Zen, our host. After that cold dive, all we needed was to eat a little and go to the hot sauna. Lovely chat and recap of Estonian language learning at the dinner. Our tutors are very happy whenever we start singing a kids’ song we learned during the Language and Culture classes.
üks kaks kolm neli viis kuus seitse…“.
Another interesting thing Estonians have is the smoke sauna. It can only be found in a few places and it is kept just the way the ancestors had it: dark and smoky. Only little candles light the room and the smell is rather woody. To the showers, yey!

Ema Yug or Mother River was a hit among us on the dancing floor. Mari and Maal, our coordinator and our Estonian teacher were joining us “super students” (valis üliõpilane) in the dance as well. As the host was playing the violin, we found out that Saaremaa was known in the old days for its vikings that were feared in the Baltic Sea area. Some of the songs played were very piratish and entertaining 🙂

Good times.

Coming back from this long journey, i realised that this is the first time I’ve called Tallinn HOME.

Gata? Da. Pa!

06:08, 06. 08. 2012.

Un umăr dezgolit. Strâng în brațe un pui de pernă. Din teiul crud se aud păsări ciripind. Aud ceva mișcare în casă. Încă încerc să-mi aduc aminte ce visam. Se deschide ușa dormitorului. O umbră cunoscută. Deschid ochii, dar nu văd decât un contur.
– Gata? Pleci?
– Da. Lasă că mai vorbim noi, zice blând.
– Pe skype. Ăla bun, de la mama lor.
– Hai, să ai grijă de tine acolo!
Mă ia în brațe. Mmm… parfum minunat îmi rămâne în nări. Încă o strângere puternică de mână și dispare. Pretextul este cu siguranță acela că „ prințesa trebuie să doarmă”.
A plecat. Îmi răsună în cap vorbele puține pe fond de ciripituri nervoase, iar parfumul… Ah, parfumul îmi păstrează vie amintirea lui. Mă pierd în vise.

Un sărut blând și patern, o îmbrățișare la crăpatul zilei, o urmă de miros fin. Toate, suficiente pentru ca o adormită să-și proiecteze Prințul după chipul și asemănarea tatălui.

Plec 6 luni în Estonia cu o bursă Erasmus. Cel mai greu lucru? Să îmi împachetez și sortez lucrurile pentru jumătate de an astfel încât să încapă într-o valiză de 23 kg. Cumplit, dar nu imposibil, cum credeam la început.
Mâine la prima oră am să zbor pentru prima dată în viață. Emoții pozitive.

Rămâneți cu bine! O să îmi fie dor de voi.