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A conscious decision to care

That’s what I believe building love means.
Here is an Oscar-nominated stop-motion short film about the struggles of an upside down relationship. Sharing is caring. Thank you for sticking around.

HEAD OVER HEELS from Timothy Reckart on Vimeo.


“Of the animated shorts, [Head Over Heels is] the cleverest.”
-Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“The attention to detail is staggering, particularly for a stop-motion animated movie… There may be an impressive crop of animated shorts this year, but Head Over Heels is the most fully realized of the whole bunch. Flawless.”
-William Bibbiani, CraveOnline.com

“This beautifully animated film is also a wonderfully unique story… Both whimsical and deeply felt… Simply extraordinary.”
-Richard Propes, theindependentcritic.com



Photo: Stockholm film poster

Partly cloudy

Azi vă propun să urmăriți un scurt metraj de la Pixar. Este vorba despre o poveste frumoasă cu nori creatori. O animație de 6 minute despre prieteni, loialitate, perseverență și rezistență. Este adorabil realizată și vă va însenina ziua. Enjoy 🙂

All day long, cheerful cloud people in the sky make cute and cuddly babies, such as human boys and girls, kittens, puppies, and other creatures, and give them to storks for delivery to the expectant parents. However, one lonely gray cloud named Gus has the task of creating animals who are cute, but not so cuddly.