Emotional Ground Handling Department

I like airports, as they usually are hives of restless energy.
The excitement of people heading distant places thrills me. It somehow charges my batteries with optimism and gives me reasons to constantly be day-dreaming: I too shall travel around the earth for work or pleasure and it will enrich my life experiences with more than words could ever describe.

The arrival of a dear one does not cause distress to me. I love that waiting. I simply do. It fills me up with joy and I quite get lost in other people’s happy reuniting moments. The reactions you can read on faces are priceless. Then follow the grand gestures of holding each other, heart warming vibes flow out of the embrace. At last, a glimpse of a familiar face brings silly grinning to one’s face.

flyaway daydream

Of course, being the designated driver to and from the airport for my family members always had its perks. However, I think these so-called favours were part of my growing up and becoming responsible. I’ve tested my punctuality, reactions to high-level stress and experienced more emotional fluctuations a harmoniser would ever have to stand. The final hugs and wishes of good fortune, they all took great deal of working with one’s self to master powerful emotions.

a farewell

Happy goodbyes take loads of practice.
How do you handle them?

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