Winter hit. Slovakia.

mono life

I’m keeping winter very close, it seems. As much as I hated the cold before, I got to really appreciate the beauty of the nature during the peaceful white season. All thanks to my Estonian experience. I’m used to the cold so I am searching for snow every now and then. Or, it so happens that it’s searching for me.

Here are some bits and parts of Slovakia. Had a week of travel again. Can’t stay put. Lovely weather although winter hit the country quite bad in some days with snow blizzards causing chaos on roads. Ladies and gents, without further ado, I give you… Eastern Slovakia.

Sirava lake.

tree island

dive in sirava

Winter fog. There’s something about its quiet that brings peace to my mind.

foggy road

foggy frozen lake

fogged up house


high tatras

blizzard lane

blizzard road

blizzard time

blizzard blind


winter meltdown

On the road.

sunny winter ride

sunny winter roads


sunny winter

bw snow time

sunny winter park

winter clouds


rural snow bw

Wooden church in Snina

look up to something

dear deer

Dream on.

dream on

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