Flying back home from Tallinn

I guess Tallinn was really determined not to let me go as he really tried hard to keep me close.
On the day of departure from this beautiful city, it started to snow really heavily. I thought it was just another normal day in the North, but it seems that Tallinn brought the big guns to the game as he kept my plane to Frankfurt grounded for one hour and a half. The result? I missed my connection in Germany so I had to sleep at a hotel and continue my journey the next morning.
Well played!

The new friends I made on board of the aircraft as we were waiting to take off were the only good thing about this tiring experience. Two little kids, Estonians aged 4 and 2 as I can guess, were in the seats in front of me. Obviously bored of waiting, they wanted very much to, well, play :). I got into the childish mood as my teddy was the attraction of the little ones. With the help of the fluffy bear and the few sentences of Estonian I knew, the kids adored me pretty soon.

When their mother decided they have bothered me enough, she gave them colored pencils and tried to keep them busy and still for a few moments. I thought they would want to sleep after. My surprise was that the elder of the kids, Uku, as he presented himself, tossed a drawing in my face when his mother was not looking. He drew a plane, a nice one even, so I had to say: Tubli!*

His mother explained he had done it as a gift for me.
Sweetest gesture ever. Aren’t kids simply adorable once you decide to go into their world? ♥

*Estonian for Well done, Bravo = Tubli!

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